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Cornish Moonshine Sticky Toffee

This toffee flavoured moonshine is sweet, but still comes in at 30%, making it perfect for serving over ice.


Navas Cornish Soda Water

Cornish spring water is used to create this highly carbonated soda water, which is a brilliant mixer & useful in so many cocktails.


Navas Cornish Light Tonic

The Navas tonic recipe is re-designed with fructose, achieving a lower sugar and calorie content per bottle.


Cornish Moonshine Outlaw Orange

This orange infused moonshine is a zesty, orange forward spirit crafted from Cornish barley.


Navas Cornish Ginger Beer

Fiery and full-bodied, this ginger beer is perfect in mule-style cocktails or paired with dark rums.


Navas Cornish Tonic Water

This premium tonic water from Navas Drinks was designed to promote the characteristics of the spirits it is paired with.


Cornish Moonshine Apple Pie

The Apple Pie Moonshine is built using the Cornish Moonshine Company's Devil Water as the base.


Navas Cornish Ginger Ale

A delicious blend of three Nigerian gingers creates this clean, crispy and dry ginger ale from Cornish based Navas Drinks.


Pentire Adrift

Pentire Adrift is a non-alcoholic botanical spirit distilled with rock samphire, sage, citrus and a a secret plant blend.


Cornish Moonshine Devil Water

This un-aged grain spirit - or Eau-De-Vie - comes in at 50% ABV and is the flagship product of Cornwall's 'best kept secret'.


Navas Cornish Garden Tonic

Rosemary, thyme and pine blend with citrus in this tonic that pairs particularly well with spicier gins.


Wild Life Botanicals Blush

Described as 'bubbles with benefits', the Wild Life Botanicals range is made with 5 botanicals and 8 vitamins & minerals.