atlantic distillery

Atlantic distillery, located on the beach-side town of Newquay, Cornwall, uses only organic ingredients and hand-drawn water for their range of products. As Cornwall's only Soil Association Certified Organic Spirits producer, many of the ingredients are either foraged from the local Cornish coastline or grown on-site.

With a large range of spirits comprising of vodkas, gins and liqueurs, Atlantic distillery say that they take inspiration from their local surroundings and infuse it with a passion for home-grown produce to create their spirits and liqueurs.


'Gorsedh' Gin

An extra helping of hand-foraged gorse and organic lime give floral and grassy notes.


Creme de Cassis

Not only made in Cornwall, but made with home-grown blackcurrants, this Cornish Creme de Cassis is also organic.


pudding organic gin

Full of festive spices, this gin is described by the distillery as 'Christmas Pudding in a glass'.


Dowr Organic Vodka

Translated from Cornish, 'Dowr' simply means 'water', which is fitting for this Cornish vodka parted down with Cornish spring water.


Smoked Green Tea Gin

Green tea leaves are cold smoked over oak to create a complex and unique flavour profile in this organic gin.


Gooseberry & Elderflower Gin

This organic gin is light, delicate and floral as tart gooseberries cut through the elderflower.


Jynerva Organic Cornish Gin

This gin from Atlantic Distillery is made with orange and bergamot peel alongside traditional gin botanicals.


'Ring of Fire' Chilli Infused Gin

This gin was named after the chilli you can find floating in each bottle of gin. Spicy neat, and even more enjoyable mixed.


Blackcurrant & Mint Garden Gin

This gin includes organic blackcurrants and mint in the distillation to build a traditionally British flavoured spirit.


Bowchase Navy Strength Gin

This organic juniper led gin includes hand-foraged gorse, known for it's floral coconut-like aroma and taste.


Organic Arancello

This orange liqueur is a take on the classic lemon flavoured Limoncello. Made from orange zest for a smooth orange tang.


Earl Grey Tea Infused Gin

Bitter tannins and fragrant bergamot blend in this well balanced organic gin from Atlantic Distillery.


for the bar

Atlantic distillery have been in Cornwall since 2006, and produce a variety of liqueurs befitting for any adventurous bartender that wants to keep their carbon footprint down. Included in the range is the Cornish Cassis, made with home-grown blackcurrants, perfect for adding a little 'royale' to your still or sparkling wines.

The Arancello and Limoncello liqueurs, made with organic oranges and lemons respectively, would work very well in small quantities in sour cocktails. Try adding some Limoncello and basil to a white lady, or perhaps some Arancello to an amaretto sour.

Located on the same plot of 2.5 acre land as the Atlantic Distillery is the Atlantic brewery, crafting ales with the same ethos as the distillery.