BinTwo is a wine merchant and coffee shop based in Padstow, which offers bistro style dining alongside wines for all tastes with a professional and friendly team.

Bintwo were awarded the number one spot in the Harpers Wine & Spirits Magazine in 2019, for their range which the competition noted, 'was not a simple decision on who was the biggest but rather who on this list was proving successful, innovative, sustainable and a fantastic example of modern day wine retail.'

In August of 2019, the company released their first and currently only spirit, Padstow Sea Maiden Gin. Inspired by a 'make your own gin course' from the Salcombe distillery and a friendly quip from a friend when discussing a saline wine - 'a flick of a mermaid's tail' - the team got in touch with 'Still on the move', a portable still that travels around the Southwest of England allowing smaller companies or event hosts to create their own gins.


Padstow Sea Maiden Gin

A blend of fifteen botanicals go into making this Cornish dry gin from Padstow, including Cornish seaweed and samphire.


Wine Club

As wine merchants, BinTwo also provide a wine club service, which offers seasonal recommendations alongside the teams latest discoverie... not to mention the exclusive member events.

The membership also comes with a 10% discount on all BinTwo products, including eating and drinking on the premises, a subscription to a monthly newsletter, and an (optional) hand-picked BinTwo wine case each month. Finally, a reduced shipping cost of £10 for a twelve-bottle case is added on.