colwith farm distillery

They call it 'plough to bottle', but what it essentially means is that Colwith Farm Distillery grow their own potatoes, which they then mash, ferment, and distill into their products. All of the produce that goes into the bottles is grown on the estate, showing true heritage for the county. It's a rare thing to do, and only a select few distilleries in Cornwall have the ability to produce their own spirits in this way; many will instead purchase in a high-proof alcohol which they then re-distill.

Potatoes are renowned for adding a creamy, velvety mouthfeel to spirits produced from them, and Colwith Farm has a range of traditional and flavoured vodkas and gins, all stemming from their base potato spirit.

The family farm is in its fifth generation on the Stafford family, dating back to 1904, but the distillery itself was developed back in 2010 by brothers Steve and Chris.

The distillery also offers gin masterclasses, find out more below.


Aval Dor Potato Vodka

This potato vodka was the winner of the prestigious doule-gold medal in the San Francisco Spirit Competition 2020.


Stafford's Rhubarb & Ginger Gin

The Stafford's London Dry gin is infused with fresh rhubarb and ginger until the head distiller deems this flavoured variant ready.


Distills for:
Chameleon Gin

This colour changing gin has the unique ability to be altered to a drinker's preference, thanks to some clever flavour-pocket infusions.


Aval Dor Rose & Hibiscus Vodka

A limited edition hibiscus and rose petal infused vodka from Colwith Farm Distillery.


Stafford's Dry Cornish Gin

This gin is created from the Colwith Farm potato vodka, Aval Dor, to a 15 botanical recipe including seven Cornish ingredients.


Sea Berry Vodka

This limited edition vodka is made from the juice of berries from Cornwall's first ever Sea Buckthorn plantation.


gin masterclasses

In 2020 Colwith Farm began offering gin masterclesses, and the opportunity to visit the distillery and discover the world of Colwith Farm. Starting with a complimentary gin and tonic (drivers are offered soft drinks), learn about the heritage and production of gin before being handed over to your very own miniature copper still.

From here you begin distillation of your very own bottle (or 2 x 35cl bottles) of gin to take home for free, until finally retiring to the bar to enjoy the rest of your evening. The whole experience takes around one hour thirty minutes.

The price is just £79.00 for two people, you can find out more or book direct on the website below.