cornish cream

Cornish Cream was established in 1968, is Newquay, Cornwall, and has become synonymous around the county for their Cornish cream liqueurs, alongside their other products. The producer originally made products for their shop in Newquay, specialising in fine food & drink, and now produces preserves, ciders, spirits, liqueurs, cream teas, clotted cream, and more.

In 2002 the producer launched 'Cornish Lust', their first Cornish cream liqueur made from strawberries, fresh cream and a wine alcohol base. After this, two more flavoured liqueurs came in the form of Cornish Dream (fudge) and Cornish Nevek (chocolate).

One of the largest success stories form the business is 'Cornish Sunset', a sparkling drink made with the juice of fresh strawberries.


Cornish Dream Fudge Liqueur

A cream liqueur flavoured with fudge and fresh cream from the Newquay based Cornish Cream.


St. Ives Lust Salted Caramel Cream Liqueur

The newest addition to the producer's cream liqueurs, St. Ives Lust is a salted caramel cream liqueur.


Poldark Whisky

As with the entire Poldark range, this whisky is blended with Cornish wildflower honey from the Lizard peninsula.


Poldark Gin

Poldark gin is distilled with Cornish wildflower honey along with traditional botanicals.


Poldark Rum

This slightly sweet 28% spiced rum is created by blending wildflower honey from the Lizard peninsula.


Cornish Sunset Strawberry Sparkling Wine

This sparkling 'wine' is made from the juice of fresh strawberries and has become a well known Summer tipple in the county.


Nevek Chocolate Cream Liqueur

'Nevek' translates from the lesser known Cornish language to 'heavenly' in English; cream and chocolate? Nevek.


Cornish Lust Cream Liqueur

This strawberry and cream liqueur was first released in 2002 and works wonderfully over ice.


cribbar ltd.

Cribbar is a sister company to Cornish Cream, and represents the products they sell on business-to-business and wholesale customers.