cornish mead co.

The Cornish Mead Co. was established in 1960, by the now great-grandfather of the family owned company. The original recipe has only been very slightly tweaked in the 60 years of production.

Mead is perhaps the oldest alcoholic beverage to be consumed, with Chinese pottery vessels from 7,000 B.C. out-dating even wine and beer.


Cornish Blackberry Mead

Blackberries and honey blend harmoniously in this Cornish mead.

Cornish Mead Wine

This Cornish mead wine is produced with a grape-wine base with the addition of honey.

Cornish Elderberry Mead

The unique flavour of elderberry is added to this Cornish honey wine.

Cornish Cherry Mead

This cherry flavoured variant from The Cornish Mead Co. is made from a wine base.

Heligan Original Mead

The Cornish Mead Co. teamed up with the Lost Gardens of Heligan to create this Heligan Mead.

Heligan Blackberry Mead

Another collaboration with Heligan Gardens and the Cornish Mead Co., this time infused with blackberries.

Cornish Mead Liqueur

The Cornish Mead Co. create their products with a wine base and flavour them with honey.

Cornish Strawberry Mead

This strawberry mead is made from a wine base before it is enriched with strawberry flavour.