cornish rock distillery

Established in May 2018, with the flagship Cornish Rock Gin, Rock Distillery has since gone on to expand their range to five gins - including pink, blue and gold varieties - and two rums.

Somewhat bucking the trend of sophisticated names and titles, Rock Distillery have named their still 'Bonanza Boy', after their favourite racehorse. They describe their distillery as 'small and overcrowded in a beautiful wooded valley', and rigorously taste each batch along with the local community before releasing it for sale.


Cornish Rock Gin

This London Dry gin is distilled to a secret recipe and parted down with Cornish spring water.


Cornish Rock Pink Gin

To create this pink gin, the team at Rock gin blend a base gin with pink champagne grapes.


Cornish Spiced Rock Rum

This spiced rum is distilled with allspice, cinnamon, cubeb pepper, orange peel and vanilla.


Cornish Rock Blue Angel Gin

A deep blue hue is unmistakably present in this gin, which is followed to a recipe of traditional botanicals.


Cornish Rock Gold Gin

Another secret recipe emerging from Cornish Rock Distillery. A dry golden gin.


White Espresso Rock Rum

Coffee is flown in from Kenya to be distilled with Rock Rum to create this coffee expression.


Cornish Rock Orange Sunset Gin

A sugar-free gin which is infused with freeze-dried Valencia orange peels post-distillation.