curio spirits company

The Curio Spirits Company first started in 2012. Husband and wife team William and Rubina Tyler-Street took two years to perfect the recipe for their flgaship product, the Curio Rock Samphire Gin (now known as Wild Coast Gin). Being bold and adventurous with their spirits, which the founders rightly point out is, 'Curio by name, curious by nature', they then went on to release cocoa nib and cardamom vodkas, alongside a range of other products.

Based in Mullion, west Cornwall, this is a brand that dares their consumers to be adventurous, and to try something new.


Cornish Cup

A fresh and vibrant fruit-forward spirit based on the punch that used to be consumed by the British navy in the 17th century.

Cardamom Vodka

Organic cardamoms are infused and distilled four times to create this cardamom vodka.

Tangy Mango Rum

This fruity variant of the Coyaba rums is full of mango flavour.

Tyler Street Gin

This traditional London Dry gin has been crafted with ten botanicals from around the Mediterranean and Europe.

Cocoa Nib Vodka

This cocoa nib vodka is made from Peruvian cocoa nibs to create a smooth, dark chocolate tasting vodka.

Fly Navy Gin

Each bottle sold of Fly Navy Gin results in a donation to 'Navy Wings', to help keep naval heritage aircraft flying.

Wild Coast Gin

A four-times distilled gin with the unique botanical of Cornish rock samphire, which adds a delicious slight salinity.

Blueberry Gin

This gin is made from blueberries sourced from the producer in Cornwall, Bonallack, a former monastery.

Salted Caramel Rum

A salted caramel rum designed to be enjoyed with a lemonade and on the beach.

Spiced Banana Rum

A blend of Caribbean rums with the addition of banana, this rum is bottled in Cornwall.

Scorched Pineapple Rum

This pineapple-forward spirit is full of charred pineapple, barbecue smoke and cinder-toffee.

rotary evaporation distillation

Rotary Evaporators (or Rotovaps) employ high-tech distillation techniques to help distillers really integrate sometimes unobtainable flavours into their products, and has been known to help incorporate flavours like shiso leaf into alcohol.

The main difference is the temperature at which the distillation occurs, which is around 30 degrees. Most stills run on a much higher heat, from around 80-100 degrees. Therefore, flavour that is produced from this style of distillation can be likened from a fresh cut orange to a marmalade.

Essentially, the rotovaps extract delicate flavours without the higher heat used in traditional distillation. This style of distillation is employed by the Curio Spirits Company.