devon cove

The story of Devon Cove - a truly small batch, hands-on company - is based around a 50 year family owned potato farm that overlooks Hope Cove, near Salcombe, Devon. Potatoes are notoriously difficult to use in distillation, taking anywhere from 5 to 15 kilograms of potatoes per bottle; but potato based producers like Devon Cove say it's worth it for the smooth, velvety mouthfeel they provide, especially with neutral spirits such as vodka.

After harvesting in September 2018, Devon Cove first came to the market with their flagship product, Cove Vodka. This Devon vodka is crafted from King Edward potatoes on the Devon Cove family farm, and cut to the right strength with Devon Spring water. Soon after this came the release of Cove's Damson Liqueur, a Devon alternative to Crème de Cassis, and works well as a replacement in cocktails, or on its own over ice.


Cove Vodka

A creamy, velvety vodka made only from family owned Devon potatoes and Devon spring water. Smooth & luxurious as all potato vodka should be.


Cove Damson Liqueur

A smooth, rich damson liqueur produced from the Devon Cove potato vodka and west-country damsons.