fal river distillery

Elle Damaus is the founder of Fal Rivier Distillery, and originally found her way into the business of distilling by researching 'rum running' ships in the Caribbean. After a lifetime of sailing, Elle planned to work aboard these ships. However, during Elle's preparation for the role she began to research rum, and it quickly became an obsession.

Fast-forward 6 years, and Elle opened Fal River Distillery, and the first product is unveiled, Petrel Rum.


Petrel Rum

Petrel botanical rum is fermented, distilled, aged and bottled in Cornwall by the Fal River Distillery, who look after it from start to finish.


made from scratch

Petrel is one of only a few rums to be actually 'made from scratch' in the country. Unlike some rums - which are blended from rums distilled in South-American countries - it is fermented, distilled and bottled in Cornwall.

Fal River Distillery describes it as a 'botanical rum', as it is also distilled and subsequently macerated with rosemary, maple and oak.