fowey valley

Fowey Valley was established in 2012 by Barry Gibson, who changed his passion fro creating cider for himself, friends and family into a business. The orchard is situated next to the river Fowey, and alongside their spirits, they also create a range of wonderful sparkling and still ciders, apple cider vinegar, and more.

The producer also offers tours and courses for the more discerning. In these tours the team will walk you through the production of cider making with a hands on approach. If you wanted to go one step further, you can even sign up for a cider making course.

Many distilleries will buy in a neutral base alcohol that has already been distilled to at least 96% before re-distilling with their recipe to create their spirit, such as gin or flavoured vodka. However, this is not the case for Fowey Valley, who create their own neutral base alcohol using a column still located on the distillery from their apples.

This feat is expensive and time consuming, but the distilleries that take on the challenge show a true heritage for the region in which they come from. Arguably, the terroir of that particular region will affect the final product as well.


Fowey Valley

This six botanical gin is built from the ground up from alcohol made at the Fowey Valley distillery, which is very rarely seen.

Fowey Valley

Pommeau come to Cornwall thanks to Fowey Valley, who blend fresh apple juice with their Eau De Vie.

Fowey Valley
Sparkling Vintage Cider

This vintage cider is made in the traditional Champagne method with a second fermentation within the bottle.

Fowey Valley
Cider Brandy 2 Year Old

This two year limited edition cider brandy is made from the apples grown on the Fowey Valley orchard.

Fowey Valley

This vodka is distilled from scratch directly on the Cornish Distillery copper columns stills.

Fowey Valley
Eau De Vie

This Eau De Vie is the most pure expression of apple-based spirits you can find.

Fowey Valley
Cider Brandy 1 Year Old

This oak aged cider brandy is created with two distillations of vintage cider before being rested for at least 12 months.

Sparkling Fowey Cider

Fowey Valley use the same technique to make their sparkling cider as the top Champagne producers. A seconadary fermentation within the bottle builds up about 5-6 bars of pressure thanks to the yeasts digesting the sugar, creating alcohol and carbon dioxide.

After three years of ageing, the bottles are inverted to allow the now dead yeast to collect at the neck of the bottle, which is then removed by freezing in a special machine. The first release was in 2014, of the 2012 vintage sparkling cider.