Well known for their Rattler cyder, Healeys produce a bounty of different alcoholic liquids, all of which are made in Cornwall. These include brandy, gin, whiskey and eau de vie, alongside their tried and tested wines and cyders.

Healeys was established in the 1980's and planted their first cyder trees in 1986. They also say that they were the first distillery in Cornwall for over 100 years.

The Healeys brand was started by Kay and David Healey, who started pressing cyder after owning an off-licence. Now, much is run by their sons Sam and Joe.

The distillery produces all of their products from scratch, from their apples. This is worth noting as many distilleries will purchase in a spirit from elsewhere (often Holland), which they re-distill to become their gin.


Healeys Cider Brandy 10YO

We believe this is the oldest available cider brandy we can find in Cornwall.


Eau De Vie

An unaged apple-based spirit poured straight from the still with no adulteration.


Cinnamon Infused Eau De Vie

Once Healeys have created their eau de vie from their own apples, they infuse it with cinnamon to create this spiced variant.


Healeys Cider Brandy 3YO

This 3 year old brandy is made from the Healeys farm apple cyder, which is double distilled before ageing.


Vanilla Infused Eau De Vie

Vanilla is added to this apple-based Eau De Vie to create a vanilla forward spirit with hints of apple.


Star Anise Infused Eau De Vie

The apple based Eau De Vie is infused with star anise to pair the apple and aniseed notes.


Rattler Gin

This gin is distilled from scratch at the Healeys distillery and cider farm.


Healeys Cider Brandy 8YO

A well aged cider brandy from Healeys, created from the apples grown on their cyder farm.


Rattler Spiced Gold Rum Spirit Drink

This 'spirit-drink' is distilled from scratch in Cornwall with a blend of vanilla, coconut and spices.


Single Malt Cornish 9YO Whiskey

A 100% truly Cornish Single Malt whiskey, made with Cornish barley brewed up by St. Austell Brewery.


Rattler Brandy

This brandy is created with Healeys cyder apples, and is aged for a minimum of three years.


Rattler Pineapple Gin

This pineapple flavoured variant from Healey's introduces the tropical flavour to a further seven botanicals.



As the 5th highest rated in 'things to do' on Trip Advisor in Cornwall, the Healeys farm offer a 'world of apples, imagination and adventure'. Everything from tractor-ride and distillery tours all the way up to a private cidermaster tour is available, you can find out more on their site below.