monarch liqueurs

After stumbling across a spiced rum liqueur recipe that they loved, husband and wife team Elizabeth and Clifford L'estrange-West began to experiment creating and producing even more liqueurs; and this is how Monarch was born.

Alongside spiced rums and damson gins are a wide variety of liqueurs, some of which come in commemorative bottles, explore the range below.


Cornish Grog Spiced Rum

This spiced rum is made with a blend of Antiguan and Jamaican Rums before being mixed with spices.


Spiced Orange Whisky Liqueur

Scotch whisky and spiced orange are blended by Monarch Liqueurs to create this distinct liquid.


Toffee & Apple Rum Liqueur

A rum liqueur created with inspiration from the traditional fairground flavour of toffee apples.


Honey & Spices Rum Liqueur

A Caribbean rum is blended with honey and spices for a sweet and smooth rum liqueur.


Chocolate Vodka Liqueur

Chocolate flavour is added alongside this some sweetness to create this 20% vodka liqueur.


Monarch Chocolate Mint Rum Liqueur

Caribbean rum is blended with dark chocolate and a hint of mint to create this enticing liqueur.


Cherry Vodka Liqueur

This cherry vodka liqueur is made from a neutral grain base and works well as an interesting replacement for cassis.


Passion Fruit & Coconut Rum

A Caribbean rum is flavoured with passion fruit and coconut in this exotic rum liqueur from Monarch.