on the rocks

On The Rocks is a producer of gins and gin liqueurs made around a base gin of 18 botanicals. Where distillation occurs is unknown and may be outside of Cornwall, but many of the botanicals used to create the gin are foraged from Cornwall, including gorse flower, lemon verbena, mint, bay leaf and sloes that have been dried by the producer after being used to create their sloe gin.


OTR 18

This gin is made with 18 botanicals, some of which are harvested from the local surroundings.


OTR Blackberry & Apple Gin Liqueur

Blackberries picked from Cornish hedgerows and local apples make go into this 29% gin liqueur.


OTR Sloe Gin Liqueur

Cornish sloes are infused into the flagship OTR18 gin along with grapefruit zest and vanilla pods.