penny drop spirits (drinkfinder / constantine stores)

Penny Drop Spirits is owned by the same people behind (also known as Constantine stores to those of you in the on-trade). The brainchild of owners Mark & Andrew, the first product to ceom from Penny Drop spirits is their Old Tom Gin, making it one of very few available from the county of Cornwall.


Penny Drop Gin

One of very few 'Old Tom' gins from Cornwall, sweetened with locally sourced honey in place of sugar.


Phrases & History

Ah, so the penny has dropped! Many colloquial phrases these days can take us back to the gin craze in the 18th century. Did you know that the saying 'saved by the bell' is in fact in relation to lengths of string that would be tied around peoples fingers when they were buried, as there was widespread fear at the time that people were being buried alive after falling into comas because of excessive alcohol consumption.

Even 'Old Tom' Gin gets its name from a similar place as 'The penny has dropped'. Patrons would insert coins into a slot in a wall often signified by a plaque with a cat on it. In return for the coin, a slug of sweetened gin would be provided. The classic 'tom cat' helped formulate the name for this style of gin, which is why we now call it 'Old Tom Gin'.