penryn spirits

After launching in August 2020, Penryn Spirits began their journey into the spirits world with Bora rum, a Cornish dry botanical rum. Bora literally translates as 'Dawn' in Cornish.

Not only have Penryn Spirits launched a new product, but Bora is also a carbon negative product, crafted sustainably and with eco-friendly packaging. Any carbon that is produced is offset with a tree-planting scheme in Cornwall.


Bora Rum

This carbon negative, dry botanical inspired rum from Penryn Spirits combines Caribbean spirit with Cornish influence.


New Life

Penryn Spirits describe themselves as on a mission to breathe new life into traditional spirits. They are achieving this by taking a Caribbean spirit and combining it with Cornish influence, using traditional techniques alongside new and upcoming technologies, and by influencing much larger distileries by showing that carbon negative or neutral products are a feasible possibility.