penzance gin

As Cornish gin became more and more popular, three friends had noticed that no-one was yet to take the title of 'Penzance Gin', the town in which they lived. With opportunity and inspiration, Penzance Gin was born.

The producers were inspired by the Art Deco era of the 1920's and 1930's, alongside what they describe as a 'jewel in the Penzance crown', the Jubilee Pool, which features on the gin label.

This compound gin is created with the steeping of botanicals (hence the colour) rather than the traditional method of distillation. The complete recipe is kept a secret, but the producers note that they experimented with gorse flower and other local flavours before deciding upon the final recipe.


Penzance Gin

This compound gin from Penzance is made to a secret recipe and takes on a golden hue.