pocketful of stones distillery

Located just outside of Penzance, Pocketful of Stones have grown their range from their flagship Caspyn gin to include a variety of spirits and liqueurs, including Cornish absinthe and a 'Summer Cup'. The producer seeks to allow the environment to influence their recipes, and seems to create their recipes with particular ideas in mind. Caspyn gin is likened to a 'crisp Spring morning', while the Midsummer Dry Gin has been designed to 'amplify those hot, long Summer days spent in the sun with family and friends.'


Skreach Cider Brandy

Pocketful of Stones have teamed up with Noah from Skreach cider to produce this bourbon-matured liquid.


Caspyn Cornish Dry Gin

This floral and citrusy gin contains some lesser used botanicals, including hibiscus, lemon verbena and gorse.


Caspyn Midsummer Dry Gin

Fresh English cucumbers are infused into the distilleries flagship Caspyn gin in this refreshing offering.


Pocketful of Stones Dr Squid Gin

This gin is made with a truly unique ingredient - squid ink - which results that pours black but turns pink with the addition of tonic.


Dandelion & Burdock Gin

This classic flavour has been transformed in this gin, made with wild foraged burdock and English dandelion.


Distills for:
Öreg Gin

A Cornish gin made from 14 botanicals, including elderflower, lavender, sea buckthorn and butterfly pea flower.


Summer Cup

Crafted from the distillery's flagship Caspyn London Dry, this 200 bottle batch is described by the distillery as 'liquid sunshine'.


Newlyn Coombe Damson Gin

Hand foraged Damsons are combined with star anise, cinnamon, nutmeg, clove and orange for this spiced gin.


Morveren Absinthe

This Cornish Absinthe is made from wormwood grown in St. Ives and seaweed harvested in Cornwall.


Marmalade Old Tom Gin

This marmalade old tom gin is both distilled and infused with Seville Orange peels alongside other botanicals.


pushing the boat out

Absinthe is a tricky beast, one that is an essential ingredient behind any bar, but also one that isn't well known beyond cocktail bartenders and aficionados. Misinformation is rife with the spirit, with many believing it to be a high-strength product best avoided, and others believing it to be either illegal, which has never been the case in the UK, or a hallucinogenic, which it is not.

The delicious anise flavoured spirit may often be green in colour or colourless, and is made with botanicals alongside the 'grand wormwood'. The Cornish absinthe that has been created by Pocketful of Stones, Moreven, is made with the addition of Cornish seaweed and Wormwood from St. Ives.