rathlee distilling company

Husband and wife team Paola and Stuart Leather founded the Rathlee Distilling Company back in December 2012. The fusion of heritage came from Paola's history rooted in Bogotá, Colombia; and Stuart's past on the rugged Cornish coastline.

Rathlee's rum was the first product developed by the company. A column distilled rum (which generally is said to provide a 'lighter' character and style than a pot distillation) from Latin America is blended with Cornish spring water to bring about the melding of two worlds.

Rathless Distilling Company was (the best best of our knowledge and theirs) the first fully licensed rum distillery in Cornwall. The co-founders have spent many hours and days of trail and error, experimenting with different sugars, yeasts, fermentation times and distillation styles to reach their final product.


Rathlee Rum

The flagship product from Rathlee Distilling Company, seen as a Cornish rum with Latin spirit.