rosemullion distillery

Established in Mawnan (near Falmouth) in 2018, husband and wife team Andy and Elizabeth Bradbury create their own base spirit for the production of their range, some of which are then infused with locally foraged fruits.

The small-batch production process used by the distillery creates just 100 bottles at a time, and products are created based on traditional recipes.


Gold Rum

This aged rum from Rosemullion Distillery is made from scratch on site at their base near Falmouth.


Harvest Gin

This gin is made for the Autumn, with apples and plums direct from the distillery's orchards with hints of dark berries and sloe.


Rosemullion Spiced Rum

Rosemullion create all their products at the distillery from molasses, and this rum is created with a blend of spices after distillation.


Rosemullion Summer Gin

After creating the flagship Rosemullion Dry Gin, the distillery macerates red Summer fruit into the spirit.


Rosemullion Dry Gin

After creating their own distilled Cornish spirit, Rosemullion infuse 12 botanicals to create this dry gin.


Christmas Spirit

After creating their own base alcohol from molasses, Rosemullion distillery infuse Christmas spices to create this spirit.


Seafarer's Gin

This gin takes inspiration from the stormy seas and rugged coastline that embodies Cornwall, and is made with coastal botanicals.


base spirit production

It takes a lot of work for a producer to create their own base spirit, and it's something that not many producers can say that they do. After fermenting your source of carbohydrate, the resulting slightly alcoholic liquid must be distilled at least two times in to bring it to an appropriate strength.

Many distilleries will purchase in what is known as a 'neutral spirit', which is an alcoholic liquid that has been distilled to 96% (EU law), often this comes from Holland. From here, distilleries can re-distill this neutral spirit with their botanicals to create their gin. It's a much easier process, and so Rosemullion should be commended for keeping true heritage for Cornwall, creating the entire product in the county.