salcombe distilling company

Salcombe Distillery, nestled on a quiet street just along from Salcombe harbour, is one of the only distilleries in the world accessible by boat, and this connection to the water has clearly influenced all of the distillery's releases and ethos. Each new addition references fruit schooners and vessels, or the town of Salcombe's rich trade history and other maritime traditions. Alongside this, they also partnered with the Marine Conservation Society back in 2019.

Co-founders Angus Lugsdin and Howard Davis met in 1995 as sailing instructors, and both enjoyed separate, successful careers for almost 20 years. When they met in 2014, it would be a combined love of distillation, Devon and exceptional quality products that would coalesce as the Salcombe Distilling Company. By July 2016, the distillery's flagship Salcombe 'Start Point' gin was launched, and the bar and distillery officially opened subsequently in November.


Salcombe Gin
'Start Point'

This London Dry gin is made with 13 botanicals, including a fresh and piney Macedonian juniper, and has won Double Gold in the SFSC.


'Voyager' Island Queen

Tropical notes shine in this limited edition bottling, in collaboration with Masterchef judge Monica Galetti.


Rosé Sainte Marie

A dry 'pink' style gin inspired by the lifestyle of southern France, bringing the same aromas, flavours and complexity found in Provencal Rosé wine.


Salcombe Gin Victuallers Edition 'Easterly'

A richer style, limited edition gin with hints of vanilla, cherries and chocolate well balanced with more traditional botanicals.


'Whitestrand' White Rum

This limited edition 90 bottle batch white rum from Salcombe is the second rum to be released by the distillery.


Gin School & Bar

After the opening of the bar to the public in November 2016, the distillery's still, 'Provident', was installed, and then the gin school was launched shortly thereafter in March 2017. In the gin school, shelves of botanicals line the walls, surrounding a table peppered with miniature copper stills, and it's here - using the same raw product used to make Start Point as a base - that the team at Salcombe will talk you through the process of creating a gin unique to your own tastes, using as many or as few of the botanicals as you wish.

Once distillation is complete, it's down to you to name your gin before it's bottled into a 70cl bottle, labeled with your name and the name you have provided, and presented in a smart wooden box. Then it's back over to the 'Boathouse' to have a well deserved G&T with your own distilled gin in the bar, but don't worry, you'll be using the remaining liquid in your still for this, so no need to open the bottle.

The chic bar overlooks the estuary on one side and the 450 litre Provident through a glass wall on the other, and offers signature cocktails alongside simple gin and tonics.

A unique experience available for one or two people to enjoy. £110 for one or £160 for two to share. You can book on their website below.