scilly spirit distillery

Scilly Spirit Distillery launched their flagship Island Gin back in 2019, and quickly picked up a multitude of awards, including silver in the coveted San Francisco World Spirit Competition, and gold in the San Francisco Spirit Design Competition for their undoubtedly beautiful bottles.

Sustainability forward, the distillery are looking to install solar panels in the future, and also compost and auction off any spent botanicals, with the raised funds going towards the RNLI. Finally, any local deliveries are made with a battery powered van.


Island Gin

This 6 botancial gin is the flagship product from Scilly Spirit Distillery, based on the Isles of Scilly.


Gin School

this gin comes equipped with a full gin school in which, after a tour, you can craft your own gin from a selection of 60 different botanicals.

First of all, meet the two state of the art stills that create Island Gin, Bishop and Daisy, while simultaneously learning about the history of gin and the distillation process. Then, while your own personal still is creating your gin, you can come up with your name for your recipe, before it is bottled and labelled. After this, there will be enough gin left in your miniature still to head on over to the bar to enjoy a gin and tonic made with your own gin.

Your recipe is kept on record and can even be re-ordered from the distillery.

The pricing structure is £98.00 for one or £148.00 for two (to share), you can find out more and book direct on the site below.