skylark distillery (lantic gin)

Founded by Alex Palmer-Samborne, Skylark Distillery began their journey with a two litre still and their flagship product, Lantic Gin. After much research and trial and error, Alex decided on the final recipe; one made with 9 traditional gin botanicals and 6 which were locally foraged in Cornwall. The production was then stepped up from a single bottle per batch to 150 bottles.

The name for the gin is based on a cove renowned for its smuggling history, and where a number of the botanicals are foraged.


Lantic Gin

This Cornish Gin from Skylark Distillery is made with 15 botanicals, 6 of which are hand-foraged in Cornwall.


Lantic Summer Foraged Gin

This limited edition, Summer Foraged Gin from Skylark Distillery offers delightful floral aromas alongside soft fruit and herbal richness.


the process

Lantic Gin is created with the traditional 'steep-and-boil' method, the same in which London Dry Gins are created. After parting down an English neutral grain spirit with Cornish spring water, the 9 traditional botanicals are placed into the liquid to steep overnight. The following day the 6 Cornish botanicals are added, and then distillation begins.