st. austell brewery

Cornishman Walter Hicks founded St. Austell Brewery in 1851, and although the company has expanded beyond brewing beer to include a pubs, hotels, national & international trade, spirits and much more; the company is still family owned to this day.

St. Austell Brewery is the largest wholesale supplier to the Southwest, delivering to nearly 5,000 recipients of soft drinks, beers, ciders, spirits, wines and more.

The company also established the 'Charitable Trust' in 2003, and through various donations has offered out over £500,000.


Walter Hick's 125 Navy Rum

This rum is one of the strongest available in the UK, at 71.4% ABV, and has been aged for 7 years.


Hospitality Training

St Austell Brewery also offers an extensive range of industry training and our training centre in St Austell is widely recognised and accredited as a centre of excellence in training for the hospitality sector.