st. ives liquor company

St. Ives Liquor Company was a late night idea that began with the three Thompson brothers. After each had, unbeknownst to them at the time, accumulated knowledge in the spirits industry through bartending and waitering, they decided it was time to put their knowledge to the test and create what they describe as 'what a superior spirit should be'.

Experimentation began, with the collection of fresh herbs and ingredients. Some coming form the family restaurant in St. Ives - the Searoom - while others would be foraged off of the Cornish coastline. Eventually, 13 botanicals were selected and decided upon.

The production of St. Ives Liquor Co.'s gin is slightly different, in that it is a cold-compounded gin. This essentially means that instead of distillation, botanicals are steeped in an already distilled liquid, providing flavours, aromas and colour to the final product.


St. Ives Cold-Compound Gin

This gin is crafted with 13 botanicals with are steeped in the liquid to add flavour, aroma and colour.



This Arancelllo is made from whole oranges squeezed by hand.


Super Berry Gin

This gin is crafted by infusing a variety of berries including strawberries, raspberries and goji berries.



This Limoncello from St. Ives Liquor Co. is made from the lemons zested for the flagship St. Ives Gin.


Blood Orange Gin

This blood orange variety from St. Ives Liquor Co. also includes safflower blossom, cinnamon, nutmeg and rosehips.


Rosa Pompelmo

This pink grapefruit liqueur is made from whole fresh grapefruits squeezed on-site.


the searoom

Award winning tapas sit on the menu next to craft ales and bespoke cocktails in the Searoom, a restaurant located just step from the beach. The Searoom is owned by the Thompson brothers and their families, and you can find all of their products stocked here, which is a recommended stop-off if you're in the St. Ives area.