tarquin's cornish gin
(southwestern distillery)

Tarquin's Cornish gin, named after founder and head distiller Tarquin Leadbetter, was first conceived as an idea back in 2012. Tarquin had been struggling in London's urban landscape, and after working his notice at his desk job, returned to the southwest armed with a 0.7 litre still and the passion to create. Over the coming months and after much trial and error, Tarquin set up Southwestern Distillery. Once decided upon his final recipe, he sold the first bottle of his gin to the Gurnard Head Hotel in St. Ives, Cornwall, in July 2013.

Over the coming years, the distillery quickly grew and would soon expand their range to include various gins, alongside a Cornish Pastis. It was the pastis and the flagship London Dry gin that received the prestigious double gold at the San Francisco Spirits competition. However, 2017 was when the distillery would receive it's greatest accolade to date, when the navy strength (57%) 'Tarquin's Sea Dog' would win world's best gin in the same esteemed competition.

The Tarquin's gin distillery pride themselves on 7 key points, which primarily revolve around people and production, be that in the tactile environment of the distillery, where they still taste each batch of gin before sealing, waxing and labeling each bottle by hand, or in their provenance, locality and independence.


Cornish Dry Gin

The flagship product for the distillery, this gin is floral and fresh with citrus and pine notes.


'Sea Dog' Navy Strength Gin

A stronger, 57% ABV bottling using similar botanicals to the Tarquin's London Dry gin, providing a navy strength kick. This spirit won world's best gin at the SFSC, a triumph.


Rhubarb & Raspberry Gin

A rhubarb and raspberry infused gin from with hints of the twelve traditional botanicals used to create the base gin at Tarquin's.


Twin Fin Spiced Rum

The first rum from Tarquin's Distillery, this is made from a blend of Jamaican pot still and Dominican Republic column still rums.


Peach Iced Tea Liqueur

This 20% ABV. liqueur is made with a blend of Cornish Tregothnan teas and sweet peach juice.


Grapefruit & Elderflower Gin

Fresh elderflowers and grapefruit peels are distilled along with the 12 botanicals used to make Tarquin's Dry gin.


Cornish Sunshine Blood Orange Gin

This fruit-forward gin is designed to be served as a spritz, and is infused with blood orange, Summer fruits and gentian root.


Blackberry Gin

British blackberries and Cornish wildflower honey pairs wonderfully with the addition of ripe berry flavours to the floral, citrusy base gin.


Cornish Pastis

The only Pastis made in the UK, in the first distillery in Cornwall in over 100 years. This contemporary product has won double gold in the SFSC.


Strawberry & Lime Gin

Fresh strawberries and lime adds clean, fruity aromas above the more nuanced floral and pine tones of the flagship London Dry gin.


distillery tours

Luckily for us, Tarquin's opened their doors to the public in 2019. On weekends, you can now join in on a tour where they will show you around the working distillery, introducing you to the 'four copper ladies' and how the stills produce their award-winning products. They'll also teach you about the history of Tarquin's and talk you through a botanical masterclass, but not before serving you a complimentary gin and tonic.

Also included in the cost is a tasting masterclass of Tarquin's four key gins, and a tactile introduction to what botanicals are and how they are used. Smell the citrus, angelica and juniper and other botanicals that go into each batch of gin. Finally, you have the option to wax and sign your own bottle of Tarquin's gin to take home and enjoy. A truly unique experience in a distillery with a hands-on approach.

£15.00 per person includes gin and tonic on arrival, a tasting of the four Tarquin's core gins, distillery tour and botanical masterclass. Bottle waxing optional at additional cost.

Designated drivers will also have the option of a soft drink on arrival and a 5cl Tarquin's Dry Gin bottle to enjoy at home.