the cornish distilling company

Based in Bude and overlooking the sea in north Cornwall, The Cornish Distilling Company (Genuine British Rum) first began their foray into spirits with the launch of Kalkar in September 2017, a Cornish rum and coffee spirit.

Richard & Fionagh Harding had developed a plan to distill at the Norton Barton Artisan Food Village, and had hired Tom Read - a former lifeguard with a PhD in biochemistry - to head up the distilling for them.

The Morvenna range came soon after the launch of Kalkar, in June 2018, and the demand for the products has continued to increase since. The distillery is currently in the process of building a new site which will allow their production to increase tenfold.


Mooncurser Spiced Rum

This spiced rum takes its inspiration from the rocky coves, caverns and bays that surround Cornwall.


Morvenna Spiced Rum

This rum is produced from scratch on-site at the Cornish Distilling Co. distillery in Bude.


Kalkar Rum & Coffee Spirit

The base rum used to create Kalkar is made from molasses which are fermented and distilled in Cornwall.


Morvenna White Rum

This white rum is crafted from scratch on-site at it's distillery in Bude, Cornwall.