the cornish moonshine company

The Cornish Moonshine company relish in the rebellious, with their Cornish Moonshine - their 'best kept secret' - coming from the deepest, darkest corners of Cornwall.

Devil Water (50%), Apple Pie, Sticky Toffee & Outlaw Orange 'brews' are what make up the unique selection of spirits from The Cornish Moonshine Co., who quip that there is a 'little bit of Devil in every bottle'.

The Cornish Moonshine's 'Devil Water' is technically a white whisky, an un-aged spirit made from grain, specifically barley in this case, which works wonderfully as a new and exciting spirit for any aspiring or experienced bartenders that want to add unique cocktail ingredients to their repertoire.

The company also takes their 'Devil Water' and uses it to craft their other spirits, as listed below.

Currently, the products are distilled by Colwith Farm Distillery, who are renowned for crafting premium Cornish spirits and have their own great selection of vodkas and gins.


Devil Water

This un-aged grain spirit - or Eau-De-Vie - comes in at 50% ABV and is the flagship product of Cornwall's 'best kept secret'.


Apple Pie

The Apple Pie Moonshine is built using the Cornish Moonshine Company's Devil Water as the base.


Outlaw Orange

This orange infused moonshine is a zesty, orange forward spirit crafted from Cornish barley.


Sticky Toffee

This toffee flavoured moonshine is sweet, but still comes in at 30%, making it perfect for serving over ice.



Matilda is the Cornish Moonshine Co.'s pick-up truck, which can be hired out for events, weddings festivals and more. If you're interested, you can get in touch with them direct on their website on the below link.