tinkture gin (the clean alcohol company)

Hannah Lamiroy, the founder of Tinkture and The Clean Alcohol Company, created Tinkture as a result of a personal journey into the provenance of alcohol, while looking for a way to look after our bodies. The recipe for the rose gin was discovered almost by accident. Hannah was experimenting and tweaking a recipe when all of the ingredients aligned in the liquid. It created a bouquet of fresh roses on the nose that blended so well with the traditional gin botanicals that Hannah knew she couldn't leave it aside. Tinkture was born; a gin with an amber hue which, thanks to the naturally occurring state of the gin, turns pink with the addition of tonic.


Tinkture 'Tink & Booch' Cocktail

Tinkture Rose Gin is blended with apple and elderflower kombucha to create this delicate, tart RTD cocktail.


Tinkture Rose Gin

This rose flavoured, amber coloured gin is crafted from organic roses, and turns pink with the addition of tonic.


reusable bottles

Not only is Tinkture gin crafted with only organic roses, but the clever 'wide-mouth' bottle design means that you can either re-use the pretty amber bottles for your own storage purposes, or even purchase another Tinkture gin in a bag. These bags can then be decanted into the bottle, saving money and the environment.

The gin bags also come at a discounted rate, selling for a £5.00 discount on the bottled option.