trevethan distillery

Trevethan first started with their flagship London Dry Gin, a ten botancial gin with ingredients sourced from both around the world and the local hedgerows. For Rob Cuffe and John Hall, the founders of Trevethan distillery, inspiration struck during a discussion of Rob's Grandfather's gin recipe, which harked back to the roaring 1920's gin boom. 100 years later, and the Trevethan gin recipe remains true to Norman Trevethan's original.

Since the distillery opened, Trevethan have expanded their range to include fruit flavoured variants of their gin, as well as rum, and Cornwall's first bitter aperitif known as Koneva, offering a local alternative to the Italian Campari.


Koneva Bitter Aperitif

Cinchona bark lends strong bitter notes that sit within fruity orange and red berries and cherries.


Honey Oak Gin

Oak blocks are soaked in Cornish honey and then placed into the gin for 6-8 weeks to rest to produce this gin.


Grapefruit & Lychee Gin

A separate distillation of lychees and grapefruits are added to the primary gin distillation to create this exotic and zesty gin.


Trevethan Cornish Gin

The flagship product from Trevethan distillery, this ten botanical gin is distilled in their copper still, 'Doris'.


Rhubarb & Apple Gin

Rhubarb and apples are macerated in Trevethan's flagship London Dry gin to create this quintessentially British flavoured gin.


Distills for:
Holly's Gin

This gin is the combination of Holly's two loves; art nouveau and London Dry gin.


Lost Garden Rum

A limited edition 200 bottle rum made in collaboration with the Lost Gardens of Heligan.


Zesty Lemon Gin

Lemon peel is steeped in the flagship London Dry gin for seven days to create this vibrant lemon forward gin.


Chauffeur's Reserve Navy Gin

A navy strength (57%) gin from Trevethan that the same recipe as the London Dry, but with higher quantities of botanicals.


Passion Fruit & Orange Blossom Gin

Trevethan infuse passion fruits and add orange blossom extract to create this tropical and floral gin.


the process

As a truly hand-crafted distillery, John is in charge of making sure each bottle of gin is as good and as unique as the last. Each bottle of Trevethan gin comes hand signed by the founders, and you can rest easy knowing that the weighing of the botanicals, the firing of the still, and the filling and labeling of the bottles has all been done by the two distillery founders.