westward farm isles of scilly distillery

Due to the nature of the tiny batches of production used be the distillery (just 28 bottles at a time), Westward farm take pride in the fact that each batch is subtly unique, and have even gone on to produce two variations of their '28 mile gin'. This gin is created with the seasons and reflects what the distillery has available to them in the year, including from the flowers they grow themselves in order to create essential oils, originally for use in their soaps and cosmetics.

Westward Farm also produce apple juice alongside their range of gins, and also offer accommodation.


Westward Farm Scilly Gin

Ingredients from Java and Africa to the very fields of the Isles of Scilly go into creating this tiny batch gin.


Wild Wingletang Gin

This gin is created in a vacuum distillation with hand-foraged gorse flowers.


28 Mile Chamomile & Elderberry Gin

Another entry from Westward Farm on their 28 mile gin, reflecting the seasonal produce that grows around them.


Tresco Abbey Garden Gin

Tresco Abbey teamed up with Isles of Scilly distillery Westward Farm to create this gin distilled from their own botanicals.


28 Mile Honey & Orange Gin

The 28 mile gin range from Westward Farm is produced from what they can gather from season to season.


Tanglewood Kitchen Pink Gin

This gin, created in partnership with Tanglewood Kitchen, is a traditional pink gin coloured with Angostura bitters.


Rose Geranium Gin

Rose geranium is extracted as a single botancial and then blended into the flagship Scilly Gin.