chameleon pine & orange gin


London Dry Gin





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Launched in June 2020, this colour changing gin is the pride and joy of founder Georgina Moss, who accidentally fell in love with gin during a trip in Australia in 2011. While there, the bartenders talked to and educated her and a friend (who to this day helps forage the local botanicals that go into Chameleon Gin) through a variety of gins, and enhanced these products by infusing various botanicals into them, which helped bring out particular nuances and characteristics found in each spirit.

The affect that the botanicals had on the gins was something that Georgina felt that she had to share, and so she returned the the UK with the goal of creating a brilliant spirit, and one that could be accentuated further with the maceration of botanicals, to be drunk either neat, as she had done that night, or with a mixer.

Along with the purchase of each bottle of Chameleon gin are 'flavour pouches', which when added to the pine and orange forward, London Dry Gin base further accentuate the orange aromas and flavours found in the spirit. Because of this unique approach, each individual drinker can decide how much of an 'orange kick' they would like to add into their gin, creating their own bespoke gin every time.

Finally, thanks to the unique ingredients used in creating the gin, the addition of tonic or certain mixers brings about a wonderful orange hue to the otherwise clear spirit, for a great theatrical touch.

The base spirit is distilled by the highly regarded Colwith Farm Distillery, who produce their spirits from potatoes grown on the family farm in a low carbon-footprint model, and the flavour pouches from Chameleon also biodegrade naturally as well.

Produced by Colwith Farm Distillery.