scilly spirit island gin


London Dry Gin





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Made from grain
Pink pepper
Citrus peel
Further ingredients unknown

Nose & Palate:

Fennel seed
Lime leaf

This flagship product from Scilly Spirit Distillery is made with 6 botanicals. The story behind the gin dates back to 1665, when a ship was wrecked upon the rocky shore of Bishops Rock, where a lighthouse now stands. Java pepper was a part of the cargo on the ship, and so in homage to this Scilly Spirit have included pink peppercorns in their recipe as one of the botanicals.

There are six botanicals, plus juniper, to represent the crew of the gig boats. Juniper represents the cox while the rest represent the 6 oarsmen; all of these are distilled in energy efficient, state of the art modern stainless steel stills, and also featured is a unit to recirculate cooling water so that Scilly Spirit are not drawing on the Island's precious water supply.

The distillery is proud of their heritage and the area in which they are based, so make conscious efforts to minimise any waste. They make local deliveries in an electric van, use cardboard packaging and plan to install solar panels in the future.

You can also visit the distillery and even create your own gin, find out more by visiting the producer page below.

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