bintwo padstow sea maiden gin


Dry Gin





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Made from grain
Rock samphire
Citrus peel
Further ingredients unknown

Inspired by a trip to the Salcombe gin distillery for a course in making their own gin, the team at BinTwo - the wine merchant, coffee enthusiasts - added another quiver to their bow with the creation of Padstow Sea Maiden gin.

Of course, the recipe wasn't created at Salcombe distillery, but after tweaking and perfecting the exact ingredients to their tastes, including a salinity brought forward by Cornish seaweed and samphire, the final recipe was created.

It was then courtesy of Still on the Move, a portable still that travels around the Southwest of England, to distill the 15 botanicals into the Cornish Dry Gin that exists today.

The saline quality of the gin was of particular importance to the gin owners. They wanted to create a product that matched a friends quip, who wryly remarked at the wine connoisseurs over a saline bottle of wine, 'like the flick of a mermaid's tail'. This is why we find the mermaid on the front of the bottle.

The story behind the Padstow mermaid goes is follows:

Sir John Betjeman wrote that the mermaid met a local man at Hawker’s Cove and fell in love. Unable to bear living without him, she tried to lure him beneath the waves. In desperation, he shot her to escape a watery grave. In her death throes, the vengeful mermaid cursed Padstow, throwing a handful of sand towards the town. The Doom Bar sandbank grew and over 600 vessels have since been wrecked on her sands.

Created in batches of 140 bottles.

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