penny drop old tom gin

Old Tom Gin






This Old Tom Gin is steeped in history and packed full of at least nine botanicals, including seabuckthorns harvested in Cornwall. Old Tom Gins are commonly known as the 'missing link' between Genever and Gin, the old Dutch grain based juniper spirit, and what we know gin as today respectively.

Slightly sweetened gins, Old Tom gins are thought to have originated back in the 18th century, during the 'gin craze'. During this time public houses would put plaques of cats outside their buildings, and in return for a coin that was slotted through the wall, a slug of sweetened gin would be dispensed. Indeed, this is where the phrase 'the penny has dropped' came from, citing the slug of gin that would be dispensed right after... well... the 'penny' had dropped.

This premium gin is sweetened with locally sourced honey from the Polwheveral area and made with some botanicals that are locally foraged, but it is not known where the product is distilled or which distillery does this for the owners,

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