Pocketful of Stones Morveren Absinthe








Made from grain
Further ingredients unknown

Absinthe is an often misunderstood spirit. Some believe it to be illegal, others for it to be a hallucinogenic, but none of these rumours are true. Absinthe is, in fact, a staple behind any good cocktail bar and plays a vital role in many classic cocktails, such as the Sazerac.

Flavoured with wormwood and other botanicals which are often steeped in the liquid, absinthe has few restrictions which mainly circulate around the strength of the spirit and the amount of thujone - a chemical compound found in wormwood - is permitted.

This absinthe from Pocketful of Stones is the only one of it's kind available from Cornwall. With thanks to the addition of Cornish seaweed, an umami character is enlisted alongside the vivid green colour. Anise and herbal notes fill the glass.

The spirit has won many awards, including gold at the International Wine & Spirits competition. Congratulations to Pocketful of Stones, it's always a joy to see products like this hit the market from Cornwall.

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