salcombe 'whitestrand' white rum

Spiced Rum






Producer Tasting Profile:

Salcombe Distilling Co. often times find themselves inspired by the history surrounding the port of Salcombe, and this white rum is no exception. Following on from the success of their golden rum release in 2019, this newest release was made available to purchase during the quarantine in 2020.

Drawing inspiration from the journeys of Salcombe's fruit shooners in the 1800's, which would travel over to the West Indies to collect supplies of sugar, molasses and rum, this rum has been crafted by the distillery with no additional sweetness added after distillation, resulting in a dry spirit.

After fermenting the molasses, two distillations take place in copper pot stills. The first brings the spirit up to strength and 'creates' the rum, while the second distillation includes spices and botanicals, used to impart additional flavour to the rum.

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