skreach cider brandy


Cider Brandy






Made from apples
Oak age
Further ingredients unknown

Skreach cider brandy, owned by a farmer Noah, uses a variety of Cornish and Westcountry apples; these include Dabinetts - a full, bittersweet variety - and Lord of the Isles, an old Cornish cider apple variety. Noah prides his cider on the fact that 100% apple juice is used to create Skreach, which means no concentrate is used (roughly 90% of the ciders in the UK are made from just 35% apple juice).

After Noah has picked, milled and pressed the apples, and the months have passed by for the correct fermentation cycle, the resulting liquid is distiled twice in Pocketful of Stones' copper still, Jackson. Finally, once all of this has been completed, the spirit is aged in ex-bourbon barrels for an undisclosed duration.

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