tarquin's 'sea dog' navy strength gin

Navy Strength Gin






Unlike some other distilleries, this navy strength gin is not simply a stronger cut of the Tarquin's Dry Gin, but instead has it's own handcrafted recipe that results in a peppery spice alongside an intense juniper. However, at least some of the same botanicals have been used to make this gin, including Cornish violets, green cardamom and cinnamon. The stronger ABV introduces a creamy, oily mouthfeel.

in 2017 this bottle received 'World's Best Gin' at the esteemed San Francisco Spirits competition, which makes it a must-try spirit for any gin connoisseur.

Interestingly, this is the only Tarquin's bottle that, although hand-dipped, does not have the wax-drip associated with the Cornish brand, and instead is cut at the neck. This is likely due to Maker's Mark, an American bourbon whiskey which owns the trademark on any spirit bottle to have a "wax-like coating covering the cap of the bottle and trickling down the neck of the bottle in a freeform irregular pattern."

The trademark was upheld against a special bottling of Casa Cuervo's Reserva bottles back in 2010 that used a red wax seal.

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