tarquin's cornish london dry gin

London Dry Gin






This contemporary Cornish take on a London Dry style gin is the flagship product for Tarquin's Distillery, with the first recorded sale in July 2013 to a hotel local to the distillery near Padstow. This gin is made up of 12 different botanicals, both sourced locally and from around the world.

Cornish violets add a floral undertone to the gin, likely enhanced by the Moroccan Orris root, an ingredient often used to enhance other flavours and aromas in gin. Guatemalan cardamom and Madagascan cinnamon add a smooth spice, and more traditional botanicals maintain a fresh and floral nose. All of the botanicals are steeped in a 250 litre copper still overnight before distillation, and then the spirit is cut using Cornish spring water.

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