tarquin's cornsih pastis







Pastis is a traditional French spirit, usually between 40% - 45% ABV, flavoured with anise and sweetened with sugar. It is well known for 'louching', a term for when an anise-based product become hazy with the addition of water.

Tarquin's Cornish Pastis is currently the only English pastis for sale, and is a contemporary take on the classic liqueur. Made with 13 botanicals - some of which cross over into the flagship Tarquin's Dry Gin - the product is distilled in the newest addition to the distillery, Ferarra, a 500 litre copper still. Almost all of the botanicals macerate overnight, and then the following morning the gorse flowers are added just prior to distillation. Post distillation, orange peel and liquorice root are added to the liquid, which is then taken down to the correct ABV with Cornish spring water.

This product has also won gold and double gold in the coveted San Francisco Spirit Competition, in 2014 and 2016 respectively, an impressive accolade.

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