Wrecking Coast Scurvy Navy Strength Gin

Navy Gin






Navy strength gin can be traced back to the English Royal Navy in the 1800's, when in order to stave off any unscrupulous traders, would mix their gins with gunpowder. If the gunpowder lit, the spirit was 'navy strength'. This was later determined to be 57% ABV.

This particular navy strength gin is made with 9 botanicals, including locally foraged scurvy grass, so named because of its scurvy curing properties, and was often carried on vessels either dried or in extract form. It seems the marriage of scurvy curing botanicals and Navy strength gin is a match made in history.

The distillery notes that this gin is 'a robust, juniper led gin with bold citrus notes, hints of liquorice and peppery heat from the scurvy grass.'

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