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Petrel Rum

Petrel botanical rum is fermented, distilled, aged and bottled in Cornwall by the Fal River Distillery, who look after it from start to finish.


SC Dogs White Rum

The 'Spirit of John Nance' is a white rum from SC Dogs and is named after the grandfather of the distillery owners.


Morvenna Spiced Rum

This rum is produced from scratch on-site at the Cornish Distilling Co. distillery in Bude.


Rattler Spiced Gold Rum Spirit Drink

This 'spirit-drink' is distilled from scratch in Cornwall with a blend of vanilla, coconut and spices.


Walter Hick's 125 Navy Rum

This rum is one of the strongest available in the UK, at 71.4% ABV, and has been aged for 7 years.


Rathlee Rum

The flagship product from Rathlee Distilling Company, seen as a Cornish rum with Latin spirit.


Tarquin's Twin Fin Spiced Rum

The first rum from Tarquin's Distillery, this is made from a blend of Jamaican pot still and Dominican Republic column still rums.


SC Dogs Honey Spiced Rum

A honey spiced rum handcrafted by the team at SC Dogs distillery, who see the product through from distillation to ageing & bottling.


Morvenna White Rum

This white rum is crafted from scratch on-site at it's distillery in Bude, Cornwall.


SC Dogs Gold Rum

A gold rum distilled, aged and bottled by the first producer of rum from the Isles of Scilly, SC Dogs.


Bora Rum

This carbon negative, dry botanical inspired rum from Penryn Spirits combines Caribbean spirit with Cornish influence.


Rosemullion Gold Rum

This aged rum from Rosemullion Distillery is made from scratch on site at their base near Falmouth.