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SC Dogs Vodka

This vodka is distilled and bottled by hand on the island of St. Martin's, the northernmost island of the Isles of Scilly.

Padstow Vodka

This vodka is produced from barley distilled to 96% before being parted down to the appropriate strength.

Fowey Valley

This vodka is distilled from scratch directly on the Cornish Distillery copper columns stills.

Aval Dor Sea Berry Vodka

This limited edition vodka is made from the juice of berries from Cornwall's first ever Sea Buckthorn plantation.

Porthilly Spirit Vodka

This vodka is crafted from 100% British sugar beet and parted down with Cornish spring water.

Cocoa Nib Vodka

This cocoa nib vodka is made from Peruvian cocoa nibs to create a smooth, dark chocolate tasting vodka.

Tan Dowr Sea Salt Vodka

'Tan Dowr' translates from the Cornish language to 'Fire Water', and encompasses the Cornish coast with the addition of Cornish sea salt in its recipe.

Aval Dor Rose & Hibiscus Vodka

A limited edition hibiscus and rose petal infused vodka from Colwith Farm Distillery.

Cardamom Vodka

Organic cardamoms are infused and distilled four times to create this cardamom vodka.

Padstow Rhubarb Vodka

Rhubarb is infused into the Padstow vodka and only a small degree of sugar is added for sweetness.

Aval Dor Potato Vodka

This potato vodka was the winner of the prestigious doule-gold medal in the San Francisco Spirit Competition 2020.

Atlantic Distillery 'Wolf of the Woods' hop Vodka

Fresh, home-grown hops from the distillery's sister brewery next-door provide leafy-green aromas.