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 Cornwall and beyond.


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Navas Premium Cornish Tonic Water

This premium tonic water from Navas Drinks was designed to promote the characteristics of the spirits it is paired with.


Padstow Gin

A gin created by barley grown just up the road from Padstow, 100% crafted in Cornwall.


Kalkar Rum & Coffee Spirit

The base rum used to create Kalkar is made from molasses which are fermented and distilled in Cornwall.


Tinkture 'Tink & Booch' Cocktail

Tinkture Rose Gin is blended with apple and elderflower kombucha to create this delicate, tart RTD cocktail.


Porthilly Spirit Cornish Coastal Gin

This gin is distilled from fermented sugar beet from a producer that aims to be completely sustainable.


Aval Dor Sea Berry Vodka

This limited edition vodka is made from the juice of berries from Cornwall's first ever Sea Buckthorn plantation.


Petrel Rum

Petrel botanical rum is fermented, distilled, aged and bottled in Cornwall by the Fal River Distillery, who look after it from start to finish.


Cornish Moonshine Devil Water

This un-aged grain spirit - or Eau-De-Vie - comes in at 50% ABV and is the flagship product of Cornwall's 'best kept secret'.


Chameleon Pine & Orange Gin

This colour changing gin has the unique ability to be altered to a drinker's preference, thanks to some clever flavour-pocket infusions.


Monterey Gin

This 11 botanical gin was designed to be perfect in traditional cocktails.


Trevethan Koneva Bitter Aperitif

Cinchona bark lends strong bitter notes that sit within fruity orange and red berries and cherries.


Island Gin

This 6 botancial gin is the flagship product from Scilly Spirit Distillery, based on the Isles of Scilly.